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Tips on How to Clean a Wetsuit

Note that you have a responsibility to ensure that your wetsuit is always sparkling clean and have a good look. This should be done always whether the wetsuit belongs to you or you have hired it for your own reasons. Your wetsuit is considered to be very important to you and also to any other person who might use it and that is why it is also referred to as a delicate flower. Your wetsuit should be properly treated with the use of TLC when you want to keep it clean or put it on when you are ready to go out and use it. People should understand that wetsuits are not washed just like the way other normal clothes are cleaned. That is why wetsuit owners should take their time to learn how to clean their wetsuit in the right manner without destroying them. Below are several measures that need to be put into place when washing your wetsuit after enjoy a good swimming period.

One of these measures is to make sure that you wash and clean your wetsuit with cool water. After a session of swimming in open water, most swimmers will prefer taking a hot shower. During this period these enjoy the hot shower but they should understand that their wetsuits will not enjoy being washed using that hot water. Hot water is very dangerous to your wetsuit because it can damage it by making the neoprene to lose its flexibility. So individuals who make use of wetsuits when swimming should ensure that they use cool or tepid water to clean their wetsuits. By doing so they will be in the right position to avoid ruining their wetsuits and incurring additional costs to purchase new ones which might be expensive.

Another measure that should be taken when washing and cleaning your wetsuit is making use of a special wetsuit cleaner to clean it. Note that the smell of a pond after swimming in an open water session is less because open water swimming is considered to be exhilarating. Users of wetsuits should not be tempted to make using of a washing machine or classy detergents to clean their wetsuits when they cannot withstand the stink. You need to understand that use of washing machine and standard washing detergents will completely destroy your wetsuit and that is why you need to use a special wetsuit cleaner. This special wetsuit cleaner will not only get rid of salts,organic matter and smells but also prevent the wetsuit from aging prematurely.

The other measure that need to be taken is to make sure that your wetsuit is hanged inside out and away from the sunlight. After cleaning your wetsuit properly and rinsing it you should make sure that you hang it in an open place for it to dry before storing it. By doing all these you will prevent your wetsuit from developing mould. You should avoid hanging it directly to the sunlight because too much sunlight will ruin the neoprene by reducing it’s flexibility. That is why you should make sure you hang it in a shade.

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